im Interim

11.06.2022 –

Saskia Senge & Maria Visser

Opening | 11 June | 19:00

Each part is a ‘slice of life’: a baseball cap emblazoned with the Amazon logo, a lighter, a Mega Mushroom from Mario’s kingdom, an energy drink in a can. It could be that this existence is estranged, deformed, perhaps even false. Though a world that is estranged, deformed, and likely false could of course yield no other kind of existence. These things are dismal and, simultaneously, our sole source of solace. They function as relics of a false everyday life, albeit the only everyday life available, gathered and lined up, like a diary entry. And yet they are still too bound to this reality, too present, to truly be relics. They cannot be separated from this present world. They and their world are one and the same. Once they start to separate, when they are ever so slightly ‘past’, it becomes easier to reflect on them.

What has the future in store for me: a question asked by fashion itself, in the form of silver wire as hair accessory. Fashion dies often; it dies almost every day. The warehouse of this future must be packed to the rafters with corpses. When they are taken out to see the light of day again, what was old appears new once more. This is how something becomes separate from the present world and one is then able to consider it. Without its complete identity with its present, operational space emerges. In the melee of history one present dissolves and another, perhaps entirely different, takes its place. The protagonists of the French Revolution wore robes from classical antiquity, perhaps because the ideas of the old polis, belief in truth and democratic community, had not yet been realized. The future’s warehouse of corpses contains both lived and unlived life.